Tapes for window & facade

UV-stable facade adhesive tape

Windproof facade membranes are bonded in the overlap area with special adhesive tapes, which, in addition to their sealing function and reliable adhesive strength, must also have high UV stability.

Solar radiation is a particular issue for partially open facades, where the adhesive and adhesive tape carrier may come into contact with direct UV radiation for years.

The carrier film of the facade adhesive tape 98615//RT meets the high requirements of its field of application and forms a reliable sealing adhesive tape for the building envelope with a strongly adhesive, aging-resistant polyacrylate adhesive.

Product features:

  • High-performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion and high resistance to aging
  • UV-stable, flexible and elastic carrier film
  • Polyester scrim for stabilization
  • Perfect for weatherproof bonding of facade membranes
  • Protects the seam bonded with a sealant that is commonly used in practice
  • Standard roll format: 60 mm x 25 m; many other dimensions available
  • Also available as private label product

Sample application:

Weatherproof bonding of overlapping facade sheets under a partially open facade. The product prevents wrinkle formation even under high heat loads.

Double-sided film adhesive tape for the self-adhesive finishing of watertight foam sealing tapes

Strongly adhesive, double-sided tape with film carrier and solvent-free polyacrylate adhesive. It is used for laminating onto impregnated watertight foam sealing tapes or joint sealing tapes which expand within the joints after processing. Ideal for window connections.

To ensure that the forces of the compressed joint sealing tape do not cause tears in the release liner, we use a PE-coated paper cover with a grammage of 140 g/m².

The tape should be tested for compatibility with the impregnated foam tape to avoid unwanted reactions. If required, we adapt the adhesives individually to your impregnated foam tapes.

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