Adhesive tapes in
private label design

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Klebebänder und Verpackung im Private Label Design

Especially for the roof, window and facade sector we supply various single-sided adhesive tapes in the design of individual private labels. This enables our customers to clearly differentiate themselves from their competitors.

However, we not only provide our customers with adhesive tapes in private label design, but also supply the matching individual packaging and various additional products, such as sealants and primers in the private label design. This allows you to purchase 100% ready-for-sale products according to your design specifications.

Our many years of experience in this field help new customers in particular to obtain adhesive tape articles in their own brand design quickly and easily. With adhesive tapes, for example, single-sided adhesive carrier materials and/or cores can be printed. In addition, the individual packaging of each roll of adhesive tape or the box containing several rolls could be designed.

Private Label Klebeband, bedruckter Träger

Printed carrier material

Free design options for the print image. The color of the carrier material can also be adjusted.

Private Label Klebeband-Einzelverpackung

Individual single packaging

In the case of individual roll packaging, we are happy to implement your wishes regarding shape and printing. Also possible are rolls of adhesive tape sealed in film.

Private Label Klebeband-Hülse

Printed adhesive tape core

Brand design on adhesive tape cores. Possible with all 3F adhesive tapes.

Private Label Klebeband-Karton

Printed cardboard boxes

For all 3F products, it is possible to purchase fully printed cardboard boxes and thus offer entire packaging units in the design of your own private label.

Private Label Sprühprimer & Dichtmasse

Primer spray cans and cartridges with your logo

Direct printing of cartridges or tubular bags for sealants, and spray cans for primers.