Tapes for insulation & acoustic absorption

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30000/0/, 30000/0/nk
PE foam tape for sound decoupling and as fastening protection for vanities and toilets

White PE foam tape in self-adhesive and non-adhesive versions, which is installed between the tiled wall and bathroom ceramics. Here it takes on two functions: On the one hand, it decouples sound from ceramic components such as washstands, toilets, bidets, urinals or sinks. And on the other hand, it serves as fixing protection for the hard, fragile materials on both sides.

The foam adhesive tape is usually applied all around the outer shape of the ceramic surface connected to the wall in order to provide the greatest possible protection as well as sound decoupling over the entire area.

Highly adhesive transfer tape for self-adhesive cold water pipe insulation

Hot melt transfer adhesive tape, which is laminated on cold water pipe insulation materials made of PE foam in contract manufacturing.

The insulation material can, for example, be a composite of PE foam and vapour barrier and is used for the acoustic insulation of flow and cracking noises, as well as for the prevention of condensation water formation.

The hot melt adhesive is excellently suited for all surfaces and can be processed easily and reliably due to its high adhesive strength.

Stark haftendes Transferklebeband für selbstklebende Kaltwasserrohrisolierungen

10010//, 10205//
Transfer adhesive tape for aluminium laminated insulation systems

Strong adhesive transfer tape in jumbo roll format, which is used as a connector between insulation materials and aluminium outer skin.

Aluminium-laminated insulation systems are often used in the area of station & plant insulation; the aluminium outer skin ensures diffusion tightness. The matching transfer adhesive tape ensures a durable and reliable connection to the insulation material.

Transfer adhesive tape for the self-adhesive equipment of tile sealing systems

Strong adhesive film, which is used on material webs for sealing and sound decoupling of tiles. The adhesive coating adheres very well to all building materials.

Transferklebeband zur selbstklebenden Ausrüstung von Fliesen-Dichtsystemen