Adhesive tapes for baseboards

11523//FT, 11545//FT
Baseboard tape for smooth and rough surfaces

Adhesive tapes for floor baseboards are an excellent alternative to conventional, mechanical fastening. The installation is much faster and can be carried out more easily.

The relatively thick adhesive profile compensates for light structures, for example in textured wallpaper. The processing of the adhesive tape is further simplified by a polyester scrim. It provides stability and facilitates mounting on the baseboard or directly on the wall surface.

For very rough wall structures or baseboards made of carpet material, the even stronger baseboard tape 11545//FT is recommended. The increased adhesive coating compensates for high restoring forces and ensures good adhesion to baseboards and wall materials.

Sample application:

Lamination of baseboards, which can be bonded quickly and easily to rough wall surfaces.

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