Primer for adhesive tapes

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P2000//RT PrimerSpray
Primer for adhesion optimization of sealing tapes

Product features:

  • Highly effective spray adhesive
  • Ideal for setting loose, absorbent, fibrous or sandy surfaces
  • Prepares surfaces for bonding with sealing adhesive tapes
  • Strong self-adhesive, convenient processing
  • Minimum drying time
  • Rotatable nozzle for different spraying angles

Rotatable spray nozzle

The spray head is equipped with a 3-stage valve which allows the width of the fan jet to be adjusted. In addition, a horizontal or vertical fan jet can be set via the rotating spray nozzle.

Primer-Dose mit drehbarer Düse
Primer für Klebeband

Primer for adhesive tape

PrimerSpray is a highly effective surface pretreatment. Substrates are quickly and safely prepared for bonding with pitched roof sealing tapes and ensure significantly higher adhesion.

With the 3F-Primer loose, absorbent fibrous or sandy surfaces can be set and stabilized. It is sprayable and, unlike other primers, quick and easy to apply.