Adhesive tapes for aircraft

11133//, 12118//, 13115//
Adhesive tapes for aircraft floor coverings

Double-sided installation tapes for floor coverings in aircraft. Available in a one-sided removable version so that the flooring can be easily replaced at the end of its useful life or during maintenance work.

The adhesive tapes with their different carrier systems have proven, solvent-free adhesives. The full-surface laying of carpets in aircraft, for example, can be carried out quickly and easily.

Self-adhesive bituminous cardboard for the acoustic decoupling of aircraft serving trolleys

Bituminous cardboard, self-adhesive on one side. For the acoustic decoupling of serving trolleys in air traffic, as well as other applications in the field of sound insulation.

The self-adhesive bitumen film is ideal for damping sheet metal and metal parts and prevents unwanted vibration and roaring noises.

Selbstklebende Bitumenpappe zur Schallentkopplung von Flugzeug-Serviertrolleys