Certified Adhesive Tapes

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Adhesive tapes can be provided with different certificates and quality seals according to their fields of application. Such awards are preceded by intensive and in some cases long-term product testing by renowned testing institutes.

The requirements placed on an adhesive tape can relate to very different properties, for example its adhesive strength or shear strength values, sealing function or fire behavior. But also properties related to the application environment or environment are increasingly playing a role, so that, for example, seals of approval are awarded for particularly low-emission and environmentally friendly adhesive tapes.

To ensure the use of our products even under special conditions, a number of 3F adhesive tapes have been subjected to various tests. The following overview presents both the different certificates and seals, as well as the tested adhesive tapes.

EMICODE® – clean indoor air

We spend most of our time indoors – at home, at work, in transportation. This makes the selection criteria for building materials more versatile and must take into account aspects such as health, safety and sustainability.

The EMICODE® helps in the search for suitable and harmless building materials. It stands for long-term clean and safe indoor air. EMICODE® certified products are particularly low in emissions and promote excellent indoor air quality.


EMICODE® certified tapes for floor laying

Montageklebeband mit diagonalem Fadengelege | 11523//HT

Adhesive tapes for baseboards
11523// & 11545//

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Montageklebeband mit rechtwinkligem Fadengelege | 11007//HT

Adhesive tape for baseboards

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EMICODE® certified pitched roof adhesive tapes

Vapor barrier tape green

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Vapor barrier adhesive tape yellow

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Pitched Roof System Adhesive Tape

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PP Spunbond Adhesive Tape 

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