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3F | Manufacturer of technical adhesive tapes

3F is a developer and manufacturer of adhesive tapes for various applications. Every year we coat several million square metres of self-adhesive materials and supply a large number of customers at home and abroad.

Our products include Transfer and Double-Sided Adhesive Tapes with different carrier materials, Foam Tapes made of different types of foam, as well as Adhesive Coatings on e.g. nonwovens or films in Contract Manufacturing.

Our adhesive tapes and coatings in contract work serve all industrial sectors, so that our adhesive tape solutions are now used in all major branches.

Our customers include both industrial companies that process adhesive tapes or use them as process aids, and commercial companies that make our finished products available to commercial and private end users. We also supply adhesive tape converters, which purchase various semi-finished products from us and process them into cut rolls ready for sale.

Our Research & Development department is continuously working on new adhesives and products for various industries. We also carry out product developments for special areas of application together with our customers and merge the know-how of various specialist areas into progressive innovations.

The modern machinery of our adhesive tape production includes several coating lines and various machines for further processing of our products. The diversity of our production facilities ensures a great deal of flexibility in production and enables us to respond individually to the needs of our customers in every respect.


About adhesive tape

Single-sided or double-sided self-adhesive strips are called adhesive tape, which can contain different carrier materials depending on the type of adhesive tape. Classical adhesive tape carriers are fabrics, films or paper fleece. Various foams, for example made of polyethylene (PE), are also used as functional adhesive tape carriers. If only the pressure-sensitive adhesive is used without a carrier, these are called transfer adhesive tapes. They are mostly used for large area applications. Various single-sided and double-sided adhesive tapes are usually covered with a release liner – a protective cover made of silicone-coated paper or silicone-coated film.

The fields of application of adhesive tapes are very diverse. Applications can be surface protection, packaging, sealing, insulation, assembly, process assistance or repair. Depending on the application, the various adhesive tape products differ considerably in their carrier materials, possible intermediate carriers, pressure-sensitive adhesives and release liners.