Adhesive tapes and other products for the building envelope

35000//, 80500//
Sealing Tape made of PE foam or PVC foam

The 3F foam sealing tape consists of an anthracite-colored, closed-cell PE foam, alternatively of a black, likewise closed-cell PVC foam. It is used for sealing penetrations between the roofing membrane and counter battens.

This prevents moisture from penetrating into the insulation layer along the penetrations.

The adhesive tape is laminated on one side with a silicone-coated film and has no additional release liner – so it can be processed very quickly and easily.

Product features:

  • Closed-cell PE or PVC foam, laminated with silicone-coated film, without release liner
  • Pressure sensitive adhesive with excellent initial adhesion
  • Rapid processing possible, as no release liner has to be removed
  • High resistance to condensation water
  • Standard roll format: 3 mm x 50 mm x 30 m; other dimensions available

Sample application:

Foam sealing tape between roofing membrane and counter battens. Penetrations are sealed by the closed-cell foam tape so that no moisture can get into the insulation.

Double-sided adhesive sealing tape for roofing membranes

Double-sided adhesive tapes offer an alternative to single-sided sealing tapes, which are applied directly over the roofing membrane overlap edge. They are also equipped with a high-quality, age-resistant adhesive.

The bonding takes place in the hidden area of the overlap and connects the two roofing membranes securely and windproof. Compared to single-sided sealing tapes of the same width, this doubles the bonding area and can provide more security if necessary.

The adhesive film itself is relatively thick and can compensate for minor unevenness. It is stabilized by a polyester scrim.

Product features:

  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion and excellent aging resistance
  • Double-sided self-adhesive, with stabilizing scrim
  • Ideal for bonding overlapping roofing membranes on both sides or for fastening plastic sheets
  • Standard roll format: 50 mm x 50 m; other dimensions available
  • Also available with finger lift for easier processing

Sample application:

Weatherproof bonding of overlapping underlays. Rainwater runs over the overlap, condensation water cannot penetrate into the overlap area due to the adhesive sealing function. The windproof building envelope remains intact.

D2300//RT SealingTube
Self-adhesive sealing compound for pitched roofs

The adhesive film thickness of sealing tapes is usually not sufficient for the connection of airtight membranes to solid interior components. Self-adhesive sealing compounds are used to ensure airtight connections.

SealingTubefrom 3F is a highly effective, permanently elastic sealing adhesive and has been specially developed for use in pitched roof interiors. SealingTubeis perfectly suited for the connection of roofing membranes to solid building components, e.g. masonry. masonry.

The solvent-free sealing compound can already be applied at -10 °C (14 °F) and is odourless after curing. It can be ordered either as a cartridge or tubular bag.

Product features:

  • Permanently elastic high-performance adhesive with sealing function and excellent aging resistance
  • Can be processed from -10 °C (14 °F)
  • Short drying time, odourless after curing
  • Perfect for the connection of vapour barriers and vapour control layers to solid components
  • Also ideally suited for sealing joints, component connections and joint overlaps in interior areas
  • Free from solvents, plasticizers and halogens
  • Available as cartridge or tubular bag as well as private label version

Sample application:

Connection of a vapor barrier membrane to solid masonry. The elastic sealing compound compensates for unevenness in solid components and ensures a complete seal.

11000//RT SealingStripe
Self-adhesive sealing profile

SealingStripe is a self-adhesive sealing profile and the ideal complement to self-adhesive sealing compounds. It was developed for substrates with a slightly lower roughness depth and can be processed quickly and easily as roll material.

SealingStripe achieves a reliable bond strength of the bonding partners after only a few hours and does not require longer curing on moisture-free substrates. The profile core nevertheless remains permanently elastic and reacts flexibly to the usual slight component movements.

The easy processing is further simplified by the finger lift on both sides. The profile itself is stabilized by a scrim.

Product features:

  • High performance adhesive with very high initial and final adhesion and excellent aging resistance
  • Stabilizing polyester scrim
  • Ideal for connecting plastic sheets to solid components with low roughness
  • Compared to sealing compounds, easy to apply adhesive profile roll
  • No drying time, processing also possible at low temperatures
  • Permanently elastic profile core
  • Standard roll format: 10 mm x 15 m; 5 mm finger lift on both sides

Sample application:

Connection of a vapor control layer to solid masonry with low roughness depth. The bond strength between the joining partners is achieved after a bonding time of only a few hours.

P2000//RT PrimerSpray
Primer for adhesion optimization of sealing tapes

PrimerSpray is a highly effective surface pretreatment. Substrates are quickly and safely prepared for bonding with pitched roof sealing tapes and ensure significantly higher adhesion.

With the 3F-Primer loose, absorbent, fibrous or sandy surfaces can be set and stabilized. It is sprayable and, unlike other primers, quick and easy to apply.

Product features:

  • Highly effective spray adhesive
  • Ideal for setting loose, absorbent, fibrous or sandy surfaces
  • Prepares surfaces for bonding with sealing adhesive tapes
  • Strong self-adhesive, convenient processing
  • Minimum drying time
  • Rotatable nozzle for different spraying angles
  • Available as a private label product

Rotatable spray nozzle

The spray head is equipped with a 3-stage valve which allows the width of the fan jet to be adjusted. In addition, a horizontal or vertical fan jet can be set via the rotating spray nozzle.

Primer-Dose mit drehbarer Düse

for the repair of vapor barrier membranes

If holes or tears appear in the airproofing layer during installation or at a later date, it is usually not necessary to replace the entire membrane.

SealingPatch – self-adhesive die-cut parts with sealing function – offers the possibility to repair air-permeable areas easily and quickly. The sealing plasters can be made from all our pitched roof adhesive tapes and are available in rolls.

Product features:

  • Die-cut part based on RoofTalent® adhesive tapes adhering on one side
  • Various carrier materials available, wound on roll with finger lift on all sides
  • Perforation in the release liner after each die-cut part
  • For repairing and repairing leaks in commercially available pitched roof sealing membranes
  • Also available as private label product

Sample application:

A tear in the vapour barrier membrane endangers the airtightness of the building envelope. The repair with SealingPatch based on the flexible vapor barrier adhesive tape 98610//RT closes the air-permeable area. The vapor barrier membrane does not need to be replaced.